Carpinejar na Rattapallax

Edited by Craig Epplin

Poems about the weather, animals and plants, the family, death and language: Fabrício Carpinejar’s poetic universe ranges from the concrete to the ineffable. A leading voice in Brazilian poetry, he has won ample recognition in his own country and abroad. Reading his poems, one gets the impression of entering into unlivable rooms, a world of repentance and small, singular consolations. It is our pleasure to publish here a selection of poems from his newest work (Inimigo imaginário), translated by Johnny Lorenz, as well as new renditions of poems from previous collections.

Selected poems from Imaginary Enemy (original: Inimigo Imaginário)
Poem from Biografia de uma árvore (2002)
Poems from As Solas do Sol (1998)
Before Being a Book (original: Antes de ser um livro, 2001)

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